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Crash Into Me Chapter 2

FINALLY! I sighed as I walked out of the Biology lab, Viv at my side. She looked just as relieved as I did that that test was over and done with.

"What did you put down for problem 6?" She asked once we got to our lockers out by the courtyard.

"Um... wasn't that 'Survival of the fittest'?" There were at least forty questions on that damned thing, and the first ones were multiple choice. That wasn't my biggest problem. The pest walking our way down the hall, was. "Dave alert." I put the books I wouldn't need today away, and closed my locker.

"Lets go, then." Viv said, and with a nod from me, she grabbed my arm and we began walking back inside.

I looked back for a second, long enough to see him following us.

"DAYNA!! VIVIAN!!" He called as he tried to weave through the crowd.

We reached our last class of the day, and I made sure to slam the door in his face after we walked in. I'll give him this much, hes persistent. He walked into the room and sat down in the empty seat in front of us.

"Will you please just talk to me?" he asked.

"Don't you have some ass to kiss or something?" Viv asked.

"Don't be like that, Viv..."

"How am I supposed to-" She lowered her voice, noticing that people were staring at us. "How am I supposed to be??"

"Dave, just leave us alone." I interjected. I glanced at Viv, and she was gripping her desk so tight her knuckles were white. "We get it, we're not as important as you being popular. Now go find someone to brown-nose."

I didn't even feel bad that he looked hurt. He should have thought about that last night.

"Mr. Owen, would you be so kind as to find your class?" Ms. Waters said, standing by the desk Dave was sitting in, her amrs crossed.

He took one last look at us before grabbing his stuff and leaving. I sighed as I opened my notebook glancing at Viv, who rolled her eyes.



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