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Crash Into Me Chapter 3


Viv and I put our stuff away and walked out to the parking lot, discussing our plans for later.

"So I'll call you later?" I asked her as she got into her car.

"Yeah," she nodded as she stood up in the doorway of her Scion xA to see me in my black Saturn VUE. "See ya, Day."

"See ya, Viv." I watched her drive away for a moment before getting in my car and making my way home.

As I drove home, I couldn't help but think about what had happened with Dave. I kinda felt bad freezing him out like this. He deserves it, he let me down and I can't let him get away with that.

Get away from me
And leave me alone
You're driving me crazy
And I want you to know
You better leave me alone

I rolled my eyes as I answered my phone, waiting until after a few lines of "Miss Vicious" by Fefe Dobson had played.


"Day!" Dave said. "Please don't hang up!" He pleaded, ironically as I was about to close the lid of my phone. I sighed and put it back up to my ear.

"You have one minute, Dave, I'm driving."

"I'm sorry about last night."

"Thats what you said last night. Any new tricks?"

"Day, I didn't mean to ditch you!" I heard a deep breath on the other end of the line. "It was a last minute thing, and I wouldn't have done it if I'd known things would have played out like this."

"IF you'd known?!?" I exclaimed, trying to stay calm while driving. "Dave, how could you not know that this would piss us off??"

"I wasn't thinking-"

"Damn right you weren't thinking!" I took a deep breath as I made my right turn. I was getting more annoyed with Dave by the second. "Not to mention you totally sold out."

"I did NOT sell out!"

"Yes you did! You're always talking about how fake Allison and her friends are, how much you can't stand them, how obnoxious they are... Then you throw Viv and I under the bus to go to some party of theirs??"

"But Day-"

"No! No 'but Day'!" I almost swerved into oncoming traffic, I was so mad at him. "I don't care! We needed you, and you let us down. If you'd really meant to do what you say you did, Viv and I wouldn't have been sitting through forty-five minutes of HELL during sixth period! If neither of us had had study hall you'd be dead right now!"

"What more do you want me to say, Dayna?!?"

"NOTHING!! Theres nothing you can say!! We've been there for you when you needed us and now all of a sudden you've forgotten how to do the same?" I sighed. "Dave, you've been my best friend for almost four years, and you've never been like this before. I don't know if its Senioritis or whatever they call it, but I can't stand it." I looked at the clock on the dashboard: his time was up. "Minute's way past over, I'll talk to you whenever." I closed the lid of my phone and tossed it on the passenger's seat. "The NERVE of that- Oh sh-"


I was pushed forward in my seat and thrust back.What the hell was that?


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