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Crash Into Me Chapter 5

"Long day?" he smiled. And what a smile it is.

"You could say that..." I trailed off. That started it. We ended up talking, and we were having a really good conversation. I couldn't help but feel like I knew him. Or at least, knew him from somewhere... "Aaron?" I finally asked. If I'm gonna blow it, I'm gonna blow it.

"Hmm?" He asked, looking up from his watch, which now that I look at it, looked pretty expensive. Not that I care.

"Is there any reason why I might think I've seen you somewhere before, other than that I'm crazy?"

He frowned. "No, you're not crazy." A heavy sigh later and he confirmed my suspicions.

"Wow... Now I feel worse."

"'Cause you rear-ended a celebrity?"

"No, 'cause I loved your music."

"Loved?" he pouted. "Gee, thanks."

"I grew up!" I defended. "And apparently so did you." Theres that smile of his. "Maybe you could fill me in on what you've been up to all these years?"

"The tow truck won't take that much longer." he laughed.

"I didn't say it had to be now." I smiled, hoping he got the hint, which he did.

"When, then?"

"Tomorrow night?" I asked. "I'd offer tonight, but I might have plans."

"I think I'm free tomorrow night..."

"Good. Its a date, then." We stood there as the police officer I'd called for directed traffic around our cars. Moments later, two tow trucks pulled up.

Aaron pulled out his cellphone and handed it to me. "I'm gonna need your phone number."

I dialed my cell number into his phone and handed it back to him. "Really? 'Cause I just figured we'd bump into each other again tomorrow." I handed him mine, and he did the same.

"I think this'll be safer." he joked as he handed my phone back to me. We moved out of the way as the tow trucks hitched up our cars. "See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, see you tomorrow." we shook hands again, and he pulled me into a light hug before walking over to the tow truck carrying his car. I stared at him as he walked away and was brought back to reality by the driver of the tow truck carrying my car honking his loud horn.

Once I was in the truck and we were on our way to the body shop, I pulled out my phone, Aaron's number safely saved in my address book, and called myself a ride.

"Day! Is everything alright?" Viv asked.

"Where do you want me to start?" I sighed. A lot of sighing today.

"The beginning would be nice."

"Can we start with 'I need a ride'?"

"A ride?? What happened to the VUE?"

"I'll tell you when you pick me up at the body shop."

"BODY SHOP??" Viv exclaimed. I glanced over at the tow truck driver, who let out a laugh. I guess he heard her scream.

"Just come get me." I gave her the address.

"I'm on my way. See ya." Click.


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