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Crash Into Me Chapter 7

~The Next Day~

I sat in the courtyard today just after lunch(during the free period I usually had this time every week), and I could barely concentrate. On my books, or the conversation I was having with Viv. Was it because I was mad at Dave? Probably not. Was it because my car was probably gonna be in the shop for about a week? Don't remind me. Maybe it was because I have a hot date tonight with a hot guy. Probably, but who knows.

"Dayna!" Viv exclaimed. I sat up straight, coming out of my inner monologue. She laughed and pointed at my silver RAZR, which was vibrating ontop of my AP Algebra book and singing to us:

If you would get to know me
Maybe you would love me
I’m so ordinary
And if you would let me know you
Maybe I would show you
Wouldn’t we be something?

As much as I love Saving Jane - one of my favorite bands - and in particular the song "Ordinary", I was waiting for this call all day.

"Hey!" I exclaimed while looking at Vivian, who was suddenly as hyper as a puppy on caffiene pills.

"Hey Dayna..." Aaron trailed off. "You won't get in trouble for being on the phone with me right now, will you?"

"Nah, I have a free period."

"Good." He seemed relieved. "So, about tonight..."

"Yeah..." I urged.

"Any ideas for what to do?" Good question.

"Not really... Dinner, maybe?" I gave Viv a desperate look, and her response was a thumbs up. Thanks. Loads of help there, Viv.

He laughed. "Why didn't I think of that? Sounds great, and I know this really good place."

"I have my moments..." I joked.

"I'm sure you have more than moments." I could feel my cheeks blushing slightly, and Viv looked at me like I had just turned into a little pink teddy bear or something. "Should I pick you up around 7:30?"

"Sure..." I trailed off. I told him my address.

"Alright, see you tonight."

"Bye, Aaron."

"Bye, Dayna."

"Call me Day."

"Okay, Day." He laughed. "Wow, I should write songs!"

I giggled. Wait, me? Dayna Terrance? Giggling? Whoa. This is big. Okay, maybe giggling doesn't seem like a big deal, but a giggle like that one? Big deal. "I'm glad I could inspire you."

"Me too. Bye. Again."

"Bye again." Click. I sighed as I closed the lid of my phone.

"Damn," Viv said, "You haven't even gone on one date with the guy and you're already lovesick."


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