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Lose It All Chapter 3

~About Seven Months Later~
"Push, Brie, push!" Natalie said, helping Brianna breathe as she screamed in pain in the hospital bed. The doctor looked up at Brianna from the end of the bed.
"You're doing great! I can see a head, keep pushing." the doctor reported.
"Where's Nick?" Brianna asked breathlessly. "Hes gonna miss it!" 

"No hes not, Brie." Aaron said, looking up at her from the camcorder viewfinder. Natalie looked up at the door and smiled. Brianna yelled as she kept pushing.
"Yeah, Brie, he wouldn't miss this for anything." Nick said, walking in the door and grabbing his wife's other hand. She smiled at him as he kissed her forehead. "Sorry I'm late, baby." 

"You're here now." Brianna said.

"Here we go, one last big push, Brianna!" the doctor shouted. 
"Come on, Brie! You can do it!" Nick said as she squeezed his hand while she pushed as hard as possible. Seconds later, they heard a cry.

"Congratulations, its a boy." the doctor announced, handing the baby to a nurse after showing him to the proud parents. "Ready for round two?"
Brianna nodded, trying to catch her breath before screaming in pain as her contractions returned. 

~Two and a half minutes later~
"Another boy! Congratulations, Brianna, you were amazing." the doctor said, standing up straight. She threw away her gloves after handing the second baby to another nurse and walked back over to the trio. 
"Thank you so much, doctor." Nick said, shaking her hand. 
"You're very welcome, Mr. Carter. A nurse will be in in a moment to help you fill out the birth certificates. I'll be back to check on you later." the doctor said before leaving the room. 
"I'll go update the guys and leave you two alone. Congrats!" Natalie said, hugging Brianna and Nick, then walking out the door with Aaron following behind her.
"We did it, baby..." Brianna said, her hair plastered to her forehead with sweat.
"You did most of the work, Brie." Nick said, kissing his wife. A few minutes later, a nurse came in, followed by two others carrying the babies. The two nurses handed the babies to their parents.
Aaron, Natalie, Brian and Alex came quietly into the room.
"Hospital rules, four at a time." Brian explained quietly as they stood around the hospital bed.
"Meet Trevor Gene and Cedric Miles Carter." Nick said, holding Trevor.
"Trevor Gene, huh?" Aaron asked, standing next to Natalie and smiling at his nephews.
Nick nodded as the baby held his finger with his tiny hand. "Gotta keep the family name, right?"
"Yeah," Brianna said, carefully placing Cedric in Natalie's arms, "And Miles is a family name on my side."
Alex laughed a bit as Trevor began to cry. "I think Trevor has his daddy's pipes." Nick placed the baby in Brianna's arms and she shook him gently.
"Nick, don't expect Brie to do all the calming down." Brian said.
"I'm not expecting her to, I just don't know if hes hungry or something." Nick explained.
"He might be. The nurse wanted to show me how to breastfeed later, she said she'd be back in a while." Brianna said.
"I'll go get her for you." Natalie said handing Cedric over to Nick and pulling Aaron by the sleeve behind her as she walked away. "Did I say 'I'll go'? I mean 'we'll go'. Come on, guys." They all waved goodbye as they exited the door.
Nick and Brianna looked lovingly at each other as they held their children.


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