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Lose It All Chapter 5

~Later the Next day~

"Nick, please." Brianna said coldly, feeling Nick's hand on her shoulder. They sat in silence: Brianna trying to keep calm, Nick unable to think of anything to say to his wife.

Earlier in the day a girl had come up to him and his family and began harassing them. Halfway through the girl's accusation of Nick having had an affair with her, and Brianna was squeezing his hand so hard that his fingers were turning purple. He knew she didn't believe the girl, he just didn't understand why she was so upset. "Brie, I-" he began, stopping as he realized that wasn't what he wanted to say.

She sighed and walked over to Natalie and Aaron, who were keeping the babies entertained.

"Can we talk?" she looked at Natalie, who exchanged a silent look with Aaron and nodded. He passed Cedric to Brie and walked over to his brother, who was sitting at the patio table.

Nick stared at his wife as she talked to Natalie. What couldn't she talk to him about?

"Are you alright?" Aaron asked from the seat next to him.

Nick nodded, then let his gaze rest on the waves of the ocean in the distance. "I just don't understand it. No matter what I say, they just won't leave my family alone."

"Nick, theres nothing more you can do. Maybe this outing we had today will calm things down a bit."

"Or maybe it'll make them worse." Nick sighed. "I want my wife and my kids to be safe."

"They are safe."

"I want them to be able to feel safe. Brianna was about to lose her mind yesterday when I got home."

"She seemed fine today. Maybe she just wanted to get out of the house."


"See? Shes happy." Aaron pointed at his girlfriend and Brianna, who were laughing and smiling, as were the babies.

"Yeah. I'm gonna have our phone number changed tomorrow or something."

"Thats an idea." Aaron said, putting his arm around his brother. "Things'll work out, bro."

~Later that night~

"GO!" Nick hollared, slamming the door angrily in the face of the person behind it. "Brianna!" he called, but she was already up the stairs. Trevor began to cry and she walked into the nursery to console him.

"I'm not leaving that easily!" the young girl at the door called. The same girl from earlier had shown up at their front door. He didn't know what exactly she said to Brie, but he heard enough of it to know that this girl had crossed a line. A line beyond the one she'd already crossed in his mind.

"LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU!" he shouted as he pulled open the door. He didn't care that there were photogs at the bottom of his driveway, he wanted this girl away from his family. Nick prayed his bodyguard showed up soon as he balled his hands up in tight fists to try and control himself.

"JUST TALK TO ME, NICK!" she shouted. Thankfully, Nick's bodyguard showed up just in time to pull her away, screaming.

"NO! AND I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU ANYWHERE NEAR MY FAMILY AGAIN!" he said, giving his bodyguard a thankful look and a nod before closing the door. He darted upstairs and paused outside the nursery. Silence. He slowly opened the door and peered in. Brianna was sitting in the rocking chair, Trevor in her arms.

"Is she gone?" Brie asked, looking up at her husband from her son. He nodded, walking in and standing by Cedric's crib.

"I had her carried away and tomorrow I'm gonna get a restraining order against-"

"This is getting too crazy, Nick."

"Brie, it'll calm down."

"No!" she exclaimed, then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "No. Nick, I thought it would calm down, but I was wrong. Our kids don't deserve this!" she said in a whisper-like tone.

"You don't deserve it, either. Baby, I love you so much. I love our kids so much. I'm gonna make sure you're safe, I swear." he said as he knelt down next to her. She smiled and kissed his forehead. "You go to bed, I'll put him back in his crib." she nodded and gave Trevor to him.

"I'll see you in bed," she said, blowing him a kiss before she left the room.

He smiled at his son, as he put him down gently in his crib, then stood and watched Cedric sleep for a few moments.

He kissed his wife passionately on the lips as he sat down on the bed next to her. "I love you, Brianna."

"I love you, Nick." she replied. He held her tight as they lay in bed together. The rage that had been pumping through his veins ten minutes ago had since disappeared at the sight of his wife and children. He wanted to stay in this moment forever: him and his family.

He never would have guessed...


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