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Lose It All Chapter 8

~A month later~

Nick was sitting on the couch in the den while his sons napped upstairs. Things had finally died down a bit after the media found out what happened with Brianna. He'd released a statement two weeks ago about it, not wanting to have the photogs camped out on his front lawn bothering him about it constantly:

"I am filled with regret and saddened to have to announce that I am filing for divorce from my wife of just over a year and the mother of my children, Brianna. I will always love her and ask that you respect the privacy of her, myself, and our families."

He almost didn't release the statement, but decided if anything, it would at least get Brianna's attention. 'Maybe she'll realize what she really wants and come back to me...' He knew in his heart that after over three months of leaving people to wonder where she was, having to lie every day and say she was at home resting and nothing was wrong with his marriage... That she wasn't coming back to him. She'd left him a single father of two infant twin boys. Just thinking about it still tore him up. 'It probably always will...'

The day before he released the statement, he filed for divorce on grounds of abandoment. He hated that word; abandonment. It made her sound like a horrible person who'd left him and their kids to die on the street or something. Every night as he looked at his sons Nick prayed he'd wake up and it would be the day she left, but instead of a note on her pillow, he'd find her sleeping beside him once again.

Tears began to form in his eyes as he remembered how happy Brianna was the night of their wedding...

"Nick?" Aaron asked, standing by the arm of the couch. He had an expression of concern on his face as he looked at his distraught brother.

"Hey bro."

"Are you okay? You look like you've been crying." Aaron sat down on the couch as he looked in the playpen. "Are the twins sleeping?"

"Yeah, and I'm fine..."

Aaron sighed. "You were always a shitty liar when it came to your feelings. Especially the sad ones." he put his arm on the back of the couch. "Now whats wrong?"

"I told you, I'm fine..."

"And I know you're lying to me." He frowned. "Did you have another dream about Brianna last night?"

Nick shook his head. "No." Lately he'd been seeing Brie in his dreams: the last one he'd had involving her she'd come back to tell him she was pregnant again.

"But you were thinking about her."

Nick nodded with a sigh. "I just don't understand why she left us..."

"I wish I knew, Nick." He gave his brother a hug. "I wish I knew..." He sat up again and cleared his throat. "Well, I think what you need is a guys night out."


"You've been stuck in this house for months." Seeing the look on his brother's face, he continued. "I know you miss Brie. A lot. We all do. But you have to move on, Nick, even if its only going out for a night. Not just for yourself, for all of us. We're worried about you, bro."

Nick took a moment to think. 'He's right, I can't sit here for the rest of my life - of Cedric and Trevor's lives - wishing Brie would come home. If she was here, she wouldn't want me moping around the house this long no matter what had happened. I still miss her and I still love her, I just can't deal with feeling trapped anymore...'

Just then, Natalie came home. She walked into the den and found the two brothers on the couch. "Hey guys!" she said cheerfully. From the looks on their faces, they needed it. "Whats up?"

"Hey, Nat..." Nick asked, smiling as he looked up at her. "Can you watch the kids tonight?"

"Sure!" She smiled, "You're going out tonight??" She was downright shocked. Nick hadn't want to leave the house these days for anything more than work or errands. Natalie had been hoping this day would come soon.

"Yeah, I guess..." he trailed off.

"You won't regret this, Nick." Aaron said, getting up from the couch and grabbing his phone. "I'll call Alex, see if hes interested."

"I better not regret it..." Nick said quietly to himself as he watched his brother leave the room to make his phone call. Natalie walked by Nick and gave him a pat on the shoulder before going upstairs to check on Trevor and Cedric.

Nick was once again left alone in the den to think...


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