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My Love Don't Stop Chapter 2

 ~Twenty Minutes Later~

Mel sat on a couch in the green room, a coffee-filled black mug in her hands, looking around rather nervously at the others. Aaron and Nick were joking around, Kevin and Howie were also engaged in what looked to be an interesting discussion, and Brian was getting in a quick phonecall to his wife, Leighanne, and their son, Baylee. Having gone back to staring at her coffee, Melanie didn't notice AJ sit down next to her.

"Is coffee really that interesting to you?" He asked. Mel almost jumped up and spilt a bit of it in her lap, but managed to prevent a major spill.

"No, but its certainly keeping my mind off of what might happen in the next twenty-five or so minutes..."

"Mel, its TRL, not a trial. They're not gonna swear you in or anything."

"I know, I know..."

"Then what is there to worry about? You've already got a ton of fans, and they wouldn't have invited you to be on the show if they thought you sucked."

"They wouldn't have invited me on the show if I wasn't connected to you guys."

"You don't really believe that, do you?" AJ laughed.

"Laugh if you want, its true."

"Actually I'm laughing 'cause its the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. Especially coming from you of all people."

"I just don't wanna make an ass out of myself on national television. My first time on national TV."

"You're not gonna choke."

"You do know that the 'L' in TRL stands for 'Live', right?" Melanie asked, tucking a strand of her red-streaked brown hair behind her ear.

"Really? I thought it stood for 'Llama" or 'Lemon' or something." AJ answered sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Mel rolled her eyes. "Only in your world, J."

"If we were in my world you wouldn't be sitting here worrying about something you know damn well you shouldn't be worrying about. Also, Carmen Electra would be here offering me a hot oil massage."

Mel smiled. "I could have lived without that visual."

"No you couldn't..."

"Yeah, I think I could." She laughed.

"See? I made you laugh." AJ put his arm around her. "We'll all be out there with you, and you know we've got your back." He smirked as he looked across the room and noticed where Aaron was looking. "Some of us in a different way than others..."

"Five minutes, guys." A producer announced, leaning in the doorway and walking away after receiving a few signs of acknowlegement.

Pulling his arm off of Melanie's shoulders and stretching, AJ got up from his seat and turned around to look at her. "See you out there." He walked away to sit with Nick and Aaron, leaving Melanie to drink her coffee and think.

"Hi there..." Aaron said a minute later, having left his brother and AJ to their conversation. "You okay?"

Melanie nodded, taking Aaron's hand in her own as he sat down in the seat vacated by AJ not long ago. "Just thinking about the talk I had with Aje..."

"Nothing I'd need to kick some ass about, right?" Aaron said, pretending to warm up for a fight.

"No," Mel said with a laugh as she put her hand on his shoulder, "Nothing like that. I'm only 17..."

"Hold up," he corrected, "Soon to be 18."

"Right, in four months."

"It'll fly by."

"I guess so..."

"So, what did you and AJ talk about?"

"Nothing, really. Just talking about the show..." Mel trailed off, smirking as she finished her statement. "...And hot oil massages with Carmen Electra..."

"Please, please tell me that part was your idea." Aaron said, his eyes squeezed shut as if praying eagerly.

"Guess again." AJ said, standing next to him.

"Damn!" Aaron exclaimed, discouraged. "'Cause that would've been awesome."

"I know! I would've been the best girlfriend ever, right?" Mel said with fake enthusiasm.

Aaron kissed her lightly on the lips. "'Would've been'?"

AJ sighed, looking at Nick nostalgically. "Ah, remember puppy love?"

Nick nodded. "Yeah, but it didn't seem as sickening back then..."

"Believe me, for you... It was." Kevin interjected, standing by the door.

"Thanks." Nick replied, holding the door open for Brian as they all walked out the door, Howie closing the door behind him. Aaron stood up and held out his hand for Melanie, who smiled as she took it and he pulled her up. When they stepped out into the hallway by the stage entrance, AJ mouthed "Don't choke" to Mel as he and his bandmates stood a little further down the hall, waiting for their cue. She responded by mouthing "I won't" back.


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