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Serendipity Chapter 4


"So?" Aaron asked after she'd walked past him and sat at the window, a smile coming across his face. As he watched her look out the window, his eyes began to wander.

"I'm not telling, I promised I wouldn't." Nick smiled as he and Alex also looked at her as she walked past.

"Aaron," Alex said in a paternal tone, "Tell me I didn't just see you looking where I think I saw you looking."

"Maybe, maybe not..." he trailed off.

"Well, I'm hoping I didn't just see you looking at the part of Cate I think I saw you looking at." Alex specified.

"Ohh, you think he was looking at her-" Nick began.

"I admit it, I was. Not my fault, I'm only human..." Aaron confessed.

"About that... you can forget about it, bro. Shes not gonna." Nick said, reminded of a certain part of his conversation with Cate.

"What do you mean I can forget about it? And shes not gonna what?" Aaron said, as if geniunely confused as to what Nick was saying, although he had enough of an idea.

Alex laughed. "I think, he means that shes not gonna do the nasty with you..."

"I know what he meant, I'm not stupid." he responded.

"Yeah, she was talking about how a lot of guys shes known were dogs, and I told her that you weren't like that. She said she would have slapped you if you'd hit on her."

"Go Cate!" Alex exclaimed enthusiastically, but not loud enough for her to hear. "Well, I'm gonna call it a night, boys." he yawned. "See you in the morning, Cate!" he called to her("'Night, Alex!" she replied.).

"Well, for the record, I wasn't gonna hit on her."

"Are you saying you'd take no for an answer?" Nick said in a playfully shocked tone, getting up. Aaron nodded, apparently unable to speak as he stared at Cate once again. "Good, because she told me thats what she'd say." Nick stuck his tounge out at his brother and hit the bill of Aaron's cap downward so that the cap fell off of his head. "Why not go talk to her? I think she'd like to hear how you feel from you. Besides, you're alone. And knowing how shes not gonna do anything with you no matter how much you try and get her to..."

"I won't, Nick. But I will try to talk to her once you get lost." Aaron laughed.

"Okay, alright, I can take a hint..." Nick replied, "Goodnight, Cate! Remember what we talked about!" he hollared so she could hear, but quietly enough so as not to wake or disturb the others.

"Goodnight, Nick!," she said, also loud enough for him to hear but quiet enough to keep from disturbing anyone. She looked at Aaron and smiled, "And don't worry, I won't forget!" she answered, not taking her eyes off of Aaron, who had gotten up to give Nick a hug. When he saw her looking, she looked away from him and back out the window. He smiled again and walked over to her.


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