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Crash Into Me Chapter 1

Damn! Five more minutes! I sat in the library, staring at the clock above the door. Move, damnit, move! I wanna get out of here! The second that bell rings, I'm out the door. I'm not gonna bump into Dave. Ah, Dave. Stupid, stupid Dave. If ever a best friend let down his best friends, it was Dave. Viv and I desperately needed help studying for our Bio test, and Dave ditched our study night last night. Why, you ask? What could possibly have come up in his life - other than a life or death situation - that would have caused him to ditch us in our time of need?

A party. A stupid effin' party. Allison doesn't even like Dave - she hates the three of us - so why invite Dave to her stupid little party?

I barely got sleep last night after my 2 AM fight with him.

I let out a sigh of frustration as I re-read the same sentence three times. DAMNIT, DAVE!

Again I looked at the merciless clock. Two minutes. As I put my books back into my black backpack, I tried to formulate a plan to make it to my biology class as fast as possible. Luckily, I was sitting at the closest possible table to the door. I sat on the edge of my chair as I watched the second hand move. 15...12...9... Come on! 3...2...


And there I was, out the door before the second ring even had a chance. I rushed down the stairs and weaved my way through the crowd before sharply turning and entering the Biology lab. I made my way to my usual seat, second row, third seat back, and waited for Viv to make her appearance.

Finally! She walked in and sat down in the seat to my right.

"Hey there, Day." she said, a little out of breath as she pulled a pencil out of her bag before putting it down beside her seat.

"Hey, Viv." Seeing her pencil, I pulled one out of my backpack.

"I see you made it here without a Dave encounter."

"As did you."

"Of course! If I'd had one I'd be sitting in Principal Davis' office right now being suspended."

I tapped my pencil on my desk nervously. I really need to pass this test.

"We'll be fine, we've been cramming since last night." Did Vivian become a mind reader all of a sudden and forget to tell me?

All I could do was nod. When Mr. Peters entered the classroom, my pencil tapping had stopped. My eyes were on the fresh copies of what I'd been calling the "Test of Doom".

"Good afternoon, everyone." Mr. Peters said in his deep voice. "Wonderful day for a test, isn't it?" We all groaned as he placed a few copies on each of the desks in the front row and passed them back. I shot Vivian a nervous look, much like the one she gave me in return. At least I won't be going down alone...

I wrote my name at the top of the paper and so began my forty-five minutes of hell...


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