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My Love Don't Stop Chapter 1

'Holy shit, if I'm not downstairs in 5 minutes, Kev is gonna kill me.' Nick thought to himself as he stared at the girl who lay next to him in his hotel bed. As he moved a piece of her long brown hair, he thought about how time seemed to stand still when he was with her. He carefully moved his arm from underneath her neck and slowly got up from the bed. 'No use waking Gaby up...'

He got up from the bed slowly and found a pair of jeans and a gray t-shirt in his suitcase, which was sitting on a nearby chair. As he made his way into the bathroom, he was stopped by a voice.

"Did you really think you'd get away with leaving this room without giving me a proper goodbye?" Gabriella asked, the white blanket wrapped around her bare chest as she sat up on her elbow, leaning on her side to look at her boyfriend while he stood in the bathroom doorway. Nick turned around and leaned on the door as he smiled at her. He knew she couldn't resist his smile, its what attracted her to him in the first place a year ago.

"I didn't think it made sense to wake you up, since I only have to leave in a few minutes anyway..." Nick ran a hand through his hair.

"You're gonna be late, aren't you?" Gabriella predicted, not needing to look at the clock to know that Nick had overslept. He nodded and she laughed. "Go, I'll see you when you get back..."

Nick walked over to the bed and kissed Gaby on the lips. "I'm sorry, baby." She pulled him in for another kiss, he guessed to indicate she wasn't mad. Neither one noticed they weren't alone in the room anymore...

"Jeez, get a room why don't you!" A familiar voice said. "Oh wait, you've already got one..."

"Great, I get dragged up here to see this?" Another one said.

"What're you two doing here?" Nick asked, annoyed by their presence, which was apparent when he looked behind him as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Everyone's downstairs waiting, we came up here to make sure you weren't dead." Aaron explained, an amused look on his face. The expression on the face of the girl standing beside him, however, was less than pleased.

"Yeah, and he seems very much alive, can we go now?" the girl asked Aaron. "Oh, and hi Gaby." She added.

"Hey, Melanie." Gaby said.

"Yeah, hey Mel," Nick interjected, "Is that all you came up here for?"

"Yep." Aaron said simply. "We'll see you downstairs."

"See you two later." Gaby called to them as they left the room, waving to her.

"Now, what were you saying?" Nick asked Gaby once he knew they were alone. She smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"I was about to suggest you go get ready before Kevin kicks down the door and drags you out of here in your underwear."

"Good idea." Nick replied, going back into the bathroom.

~Five minutes later~

"Finally!" Brian exclaimed, seeing his bandmate exiting the elevator. He got up from his seat and greeted his friend.

"Took you long enough." Kevin commented.

"Good morning to you, too..." Nick smiled.

"Cutting it short there, huh?" Howie asked, putting down the newspaper he'd been reading.

"He didn't seem to be in a rush when we got up there..." Aaron said.

AJ raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? And how much did you mentally scar your little brother, there, Nick?"

"None. It was a kiss." Nick answered, attempting to step on his brother's foot but narrowly missing as Aaron moved to sit on the arm of the chair Mel was sitting in, tapping her on the shoulder when he noticed her eyelids drooping.

"Sorry," she said with a yawn, "Oh, hey Nick."

"Hey. Again."

Mel smiled. "So, now that we're all present and accounted for, are we gonna get going?" She stood up from her chair and stretched her arms, letting her long, red-streaked brown hair fall down her back.

"Well, well, look whos anxious to get to work..." AJ said. Mel gave him a light shove and they both laughed as he caught himself before he fell onto the couch.

"I just wanna get this over with..."

~Two Hours, Ten Minutes Later~

"Whats the holdup?" Howie asked, annoyed that they'd been stuck in traffic for the last fifteen minutes. He strained to look out at the traffic in front of them from his seat by the back window of the limo.

"You guys can still cause quite a traffic jam..." Melanie trailed off.

"You say that like you've been stuck in one that we caused." Kevin responded.

"Of course I wasn't, I'm not dumb enough to try and get into New York City when the Backstreet Boys are in town!" Mel joked. They were all relieved as the limo began to move a bit, but only Mel found it the least bit amusing when they came to a stop seconds later. "Welcome to New York..." She smiled.

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