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My Love Don't Stop Chapter 3


Vanessa Minillo, the host of TRL that day, stood onstage in a pair of jeans and a red satin halter top as she looked from the camera out at the audience. "Are you guys ready for our first guests?" She asked them, and her answer was one unanimously excited scream. "Here they are, the Backstreet Boys!" Right on cue, they filed out from backstage, one after the other, greeting their fans and hugging a lucky few as they made their way over to the area by the window where Vanessa stood, waiting to greet them. "Hello, hello!" She exclaimed as she hugged them one by one. "Its been quite a while!"

"Sure has!" Howie said, looking behind him and out the window at the fans outside. It seemed as if they were taking up every bit of sidewalk they could, even on the other side of the street!

"Well I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I'm glad you guys are back!" Vanessa exclaimed as the audience cheered in agreement.

"Thank you!" AJ said, laughing a bit as he watched Nick - who decided to make a stupid-looking face - and Brian wave to the crowd outside.

"So, new album came out last week, right?"

"Yes it did." Kevin answered.

"Debuted #2, congrats!" Once again the audience erupted in cheers.

"Again, thank you!" AJ said.

"So now you've got the tour coming up..." Vanessa paused as Nick and the others nodded. "Can you tell us about that?"

"Not much to say, really... Right now we're just gonna travel around the U.S. and Canada. No large arenas this time, though." Brian explained.

"Speaking of your tour, actually," she started, "We have your opening acts backstage, right?"

"Yeah, they're back there." Nick answered.

"Should we bring them out?" Vanessa asked, looking out at the audience who gave their usual roaring answer. "Well here they are, Aaron Carter and Melanie Rowan!"

Melanie took a deep breath as she followed Aaron out onto the set and they quickly joined the others, shaking a few hands along the way. 'So far, so good...' She thought.

"Welcome!" Vanessa said, giving Melanie a quick hug as she passed by to stand between Kevin and Alex.

"Thanks! It's awesome to be here." Mel replied.

"So your album comes out today, right?"

Melanie nodded. "I've been waiting years for this, since I was a little kid..."

"So how long have you been in the business?"

"Actually, I haven't been in it for very long. My older brother, Matthew, is actually studying to be a music producer, and hes got an internship at our record label. He ended up working with the Boys, and introduced me to them one day when I visited him at the studio, and they suggested he try and get me a meeting with the label... The rest is history."

"Wow! So you really owe him big time."

Melanie laughed. "Yeah, I do."

"We all owe him," Nick added, "He helped us with some of the songs on our album."

"Musical talent must run in the family." Vanessa commented, and a few of the guys chimed in agreement. "Speaking of talented families," She paused, "Aaron, you've been quiet down there, how are things with you?"

"They're good!"

"Your album comes out... Next month, right?"

Aaron nodded. "I've been working on this album for over a year now."

"What should we expect to hear?"

"A couple of ballads... Some songs to dance to... A big mix, really."

"Sounds awesome!" Vanessa was almost drowned out by the cheering resounding again. "Did you have any special inspiration for the ballads?"

Aaron smirked. "Maybe..." He glanced at Melanie, hoping not to be spotted.

"Actually," Nick cut in, "I helped him write a few of the songs."

"Awesome!" Vanessa exclaimed. "So you guys are all about family, huh?"

"Yeah, one big family." Kevin answered.

"Our families are important to all of us," Brian added, "Your family will always be there for you no matter what."

"Wise words..." Vanessa trailed off. "Well, we'll be back with our guests after the break!" They all waved to the camera as the audiece cheered louder once again. Melanie sighed in relief.

"You're doing great." Kevin told her.

"I told you you'd be fine..." AJ said, sounding as if he was slightly gloating.

"Yes, you did..." Melanie said, tugging at her black, tattoo-graphic emblazoned t-shirt.

~A few minutes later~

"Welcome back! That was our number five video of the day, and right now we're here with the Backstreet Boys and the opening acts for their upcoming tour, Melanie Rowan and Aaron Carter!" Vanessa paused to let the cheering again subside. "So Melanie, we don't really know much about you. Would you mind answering a few questions?"

Melanie shook her head. "Nope, not at all! Bring it on!" A few people laughed.

"Okay, favorite artist?" Vanessa quizzed.

Smiling at her friends as she looked around, and laughing as she saw the big cheezy smile on Nick's face, she looked at him as she answered. "The Beatles."

Aaron tried to stifle his laughter as Vanessa continued asking Melanie questions. "Favorite album?"

"Well, I've been listening to Back To Basics by Christina Aguilera a lot lately, but I've got tons of albums I love on my iPod."

"Okay, okay, how about favorite movie?"

"Hmm... Pirates of the Caribbean. I quote it all the time, and I love Johnny Depp."

Vanessa laughed. "Me too. Alright, time to get personal."

"Oh boy..." Melanie said with a slightly nervous laugh.

Vanessa raised an eyebrow at Melanie as she read the next question off the card in her hand. "Are you single?"

Melanie pretended to take a second to think, then smirked. "I'm... Not going to answer that."

"Come on, interested in anyone?"

"Maybe... But I'm still not naming names."

Vanessa let out an exaggeratedly annoyed sigh. "Fine... Sorry fellas, you'll have to find out for yourselves."

"They can try..."

"So, you boys have been quiet over here... How are you all getting along?"

"We're fine!" Brian exclaimed, putting his arm around Nick.

"Its been a while since you've done a tour like this, hasn't it?"

"Yeah," Howie answered, "but we're all anxious to get back out there."

"We'll all just have to get used to being on the road again." Kevin answered.

"On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again, the life I love is makin' music with my friends, and I can't wait to get on the road again..." Brian jokingly sang a few bars of the song "On The Road Again" by Willie Nelson, causing an eruption of laughter.

"I'll have to try and survive." Melanie added, humming a bit of "I Will Survive" by Donna Summer.

"Its contageous!" Howie proclaimed.

"The tour starts next week, right?" Vanessa asked, trying to re-direct the conversation.

Kevin nodded. "Yes, next week in Florida."

"Thats a good place to start!" Vanessa exclaimed. "Okay, so," she motioned to all of them, "Tour next week, album's out now," She motioned towards Melanie as all of them nodded, "Album out today," Melanie nodded again, "And album next month, correct?" They all chimed in agreement. "Great! Its been great hanging out with you guys today! Melanie, good luck with the album, and good luck to all of you with the tour!" Vanessa walked over and gave Melanie a one-armed hug, then looked at the camera, "Right now we're gonna get back to the countdown with the number four video!" The audience again cheered as the video began to play on the TV screens dotting the set. "It was so great meeting you!" She shook Melanie's hand.

"Thanks," Melanie replied, shaking her hand back. After giving AJ and Kevin each a one-armed hug, Vanessa walked over to the others and hugged them as well. They all hugged and shook hands with a few fans as they left the stage.


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