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Untitled 1 Chapter 3

A messy-haired boy walked into the restaurant. He looked around at all the waitresses. 'Where is she? I know shes working today...'

"Hello, young man, can I help you? Are you looking for someone?" Mr. Botticino asked, standing in front of him. Alan looked at him, then looked past him and once again scanned all the waitresses. He came to rest upon a waitress carrying a tray of drinks to a table on the side.

"I think I found her, thanks." Alan said, moving past Mr. Botticino and walking up to the waitress he had been searching for. Upon noticing his approach, the waitress began to walk away, an expression of annoyance on her face.

"Wait! Could you please stop?!" he said. She stopped where she was and turned around, her hands on her hips, waiting for him to catch up. She sighed and moved a piece of her curly dark hair out of her face. "Thank you! Rebecca, we need to talk."

"Gee, I couldn't tell from the 5 voicemails every hour!" she said sarcastically. "Not now, Alan, I'm working." Rebecca said flatly. She turned back around and went to a soda fountain to fill a glass.

"When then?" Alan asked, following her wherever she went.

"I don't know, Alan, I really don't even want to look at you, let alone talk to you..." she walked over to one of the tables she was waiting on and put down the glass of soda, giving them an apologetic look.

"Rebecca please!" Alan pleaded. "I just need a few minutes of your time..."

"I already used my break, and I have tables to wait on, as you can tell..." She went to another table and pulled out her small pad of paper. "Can I take your order, folks?" she asked, ignoring Alan long enough to write down their order. Noticing she wasn't listening, he sighed and waited for her to finish. "Okay, I'll put that order in right away." She walked away from the table to go place the order, wi