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Untitled, Chapter 2

"Whats wrong, Nick?" Alex asked, noticing his friend and bandmate sit up suddenly in his chair.

"What? Nick, were you even listening to me?" Kevin asked, also noticing Nick's sudden movement.

"Sorry, its my cell." Nick said, looking at his cellphone. "Its Aaron." He put the phone up to his ear. "Hey Aar, whats up? How'd it go with Dani?"

"Nick, were-" Kevin started to ask again.

"What?!" Nick exclaimed. "Wow, man, that sucks."

"Is- is he ignoring me?" Kevin asked.

"I believe so, Kev." Alex answered, smiling.

"Whoa..." Nick trailed off. He looked up and saw the annoyed expressions his friends' faces. "Tell you what, bro, me and the guys just have to finish up here, Brian and Howie just left. How about you, me, and Alex go out for something to eat, and you can tell us everything. We'll meet you at that Italian place in like...(he looked at Kevin and Alex) about half an hour? We might be longer, so just make a reservation, we'll find you. Alright? Bye, bro." Nick sighed as he hung up his phone.

"What happened?" Alex asked.

"He didn't say much," Nick reported, "But he was pissed."

"Listen, the sooner we finish here, the sooner you two can meet up with Aaron, okay?" Kevin said.

"Then lets get to work!" Nick replied.



"Ah, Aaron, so nice to see you again! Its been a while! Have you been on tour?" Mr. Botticino, the restaurant's owner, said upon seeing Aaron walk in.

"Yeah, our last stop is nearby, so we figured we'd come back home." Aaron said, shaking Mr. Botticino's hand.

"Thats good, thats good... so, you need a table?"

Aaron nodded. "My brother and his bandmate are gonna meet me here."

"I have just the table for you." He looked at a seating chart on the front desk. "A private booth in back is alright?"

"Of course it is." Aaron replied.

Mr. Botticino nodded and brought him to a table that was somewhat secluded in a back part of the restaurant.

"Is this good?" Mr. Botticino asked. Aaron nodded. "Good. Rebecca!" Mr. Botticino yelled. A young, brown-haired girl looked up from the table she was standing at. Mr. Botticino motioned for her to come over.

"Are you okay over here?" Rebecca asked the customers at the table. They all nodded. "Good."

"Rebecca! Now, please!" Mr. Botticino shouted.

"Coming, Mr. Botticino!" she replied as she made her way towards them. "Sorry about that, whats up?" she said, slightly out of breath. Aaron looked at her: she had green eyes and long, curly brown hair she had pulled back. She wore a white shirt and blue jeans, over which she had a black work apron. He gave her a smile.

"This is- well, I'm sure you know who he is, I mean, hes very well known!" Mr. Botticino said, laughing. Aaron let out a fake laugh. Rebecca noticed from the look on his face that Aaron didn't find that joke at all funny.

"Nice to meet you, Aaron. I'm Rebecca. Becca for short, though. I'll apparently be your server tonight." she said, putting her hand out.

"I guessed... Nice to meet you too, Becca." he replied, shaking her hand.

"Well, I must be going now, lots to do! Enjoy your meal, Aaron!" Mr. Botticino said, walking away.

"Oh shit. I forgot a menu. I'm sorry, Botticino kinda caught me off-guard when he called me over here. Let me go get one for you. Do you know what you want to drink already?" Becca said, pulling out a small pad of paper and a pen.

"Just water is fine for right now, I guess..." Aaron replied. After what had happened earlier, what he wanted to drink was one of the last things on his mind...

"Okay. I'm really sorry about this." she said apologetically. 

"Its okay, really. You didn't even see me come in. Besides, I've got some time, I'm waiting for a few people." Aaron responded.

"How many people?" Becca asked.

"My brother and one of his friends."

"Okay, well, I'll bring menus for them too." Becca said, walking away.

"Okay..." he said as he watched her walk away. He hadn't noticed who had come over to his table.

"Checking out the waitress?" Nick asked, sitting down next to him.

"I don't think shes on the menu..." Alex said, sitting down as well.

"Not that he'd know what was on the menu..." Nick said, notcing the lack of menus at their table.

"Yeah, I know... Becca's bringing them right now." Aaron informed them.

"Becca?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, me. I'm Becca, I'll be your waitress tonight." she said, handing them each a menu and placing a glass of water in front of Aaron. "Sorry about the menus, as I was telling Aaron, Botticino caught me off-guard when he called me over here before."

"Nice to meet you, Becca. I'm-" Nick started.

"Save your breath, guys, I know who you are. What would you like to drink?" Becca asked.

"Ya know, what Aaron's got right there looks just fine." Alex answered.

"Water?" Becca asked.

"Yeah, thats fine for now." Alex said.

"I can bring one for each of you, if you'd like."

"Sounds good to me..." Nick answered.

Becca looked up when she finished writing. "Okay, well, I'll let you guys look at your menus, and I'll be right back with your water."

"Sure..." Aaron said, trailing off as he watched her walk away again.

"Aar, could you stop staring at her long enough to tell us whats up?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, and what happened to Dani?" Alex saw the look on Aarons face when he mentioned her name "Ohh, shes what this is about, isn't she?" Alex questioned. Aaron just nodded.

"...So what happened?"

"Well, I went to her house to try and catch her off-guard and see if what I'd heard was true, and..."

"And..." Alex repeated.

"...And she was in bed with some random guy, I think his name was Alan... Geez! You okay?" Aaron said, asking Becca if she was okay after she tripped suddenly and nearly spilled a glass of water.

"Yeah, fine. You guys ready to order?" she asked while carefully putting down the glasses on the table.

"I think we'll need just another minute." Nick said.

"Okay, I'll be back then."

"Anyway, what else happened, bro? That can't possibly be it, I can tell theres more..."

"Well, she pretty much told me- actually, she screamed it at me- that she can't stand that I work all the time. Said that maybe if I didn't only leave the studio to tour for months at a time that maybe she wouldn't have to look elsewhere. I didn't know she felt so neglected..." Aaron said, putting his head in his hands.

"Neglected? Are you shittin' me?" Nick said, nearly choking on his water. "Everytime we were gonna go out, yes, you did leave the studio for more than just touring, you invited her to come along with us and she refused. You'd offer to take her out, just you and her, and she'd suddenly have something she had to do. She wouldn't even stay home with you! It wasn't your fault, man, don't blame yourself."

"Yeah, if she wants to be one of those chicks who only likes a guy for what he has, then let her. You don't need bullshit like that." Alex added.

"I guess...lets just look at the menu and order something..." Aaron said, not wanting to dwell on the subject.

"Yeah, but then you wouldn't get to see as much of Becca..." Nick remarked.

"I don't remember this place having some of this stuff on their menu last time I was here..." Aaron commented, ignoring Nick's last statement.

"Ignoring people seems to be genetic for you Carters." Alex said.



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