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Untitled, Chapter 1

          "Hey," he said as he looked at his surroundings. It felt like it had been so long since he’d been here, he almost forgot what it looked like.


          "Hi, sweetie!" she exclaimed, surprised that her boyfriend had called earlier than planned. She sat up in bed, the white blanket covering her chest, and tucked a strand of her long blonde hair behind her ear.


          "How are you?" he asked, slightly suspicious.


          "Fine! Just fine!" she said. Danielle put her hand over the phone. "Alan! Shut up! He'll hear you!" she hissed at the guy next to her who had nearly fallen off of her bed.


          "What was that?" her boyfriend asked, hearing the loud noise made by Alan.


          "Nothing." she said quickly. "So, baby, when will you be back to see me?" she adjusted her blankets.


          "A few minutes." he replied.


          "What?!?! I thought you were still on tour!" she exclaimed. She suddenly sat up straighter. What to do... She couldn't let her boyfriend see her like this...


          "Calm down, honey..." Alan whispered, kissing Danielle's shoulder. She elbowed him in the stomach. Getting the hint, he leaned back on the pillow and turned on his side.


          "Well, I told you the last time we talked that I'd be stopping at home because we're performing nearby, and that I would stop by to see you..." he said, pulling into her driveway and getting out of his car. "I guess you forgot. I guess its kinda easy to forget what your boyfriend says," he continued, walking through the backyard of Danielle's house and up to the door of her bedroom that led outside, "Especially when YOU'RE FUCKING SOME OTHER GUY!" he shouted as he opened the door, taking Danielle by surprise and causing Alan to fall off of the bed. Danielle's boyfriend hung up his phone and put it away.


          "Baby! Hi! I can expla-" she started, walking over to him wrapped in the blanket, the end left dragging on the floor.


          "Spare me, Dani, I-" he said in as calm of a tone as he could, backing away from her as she tried to grab his arm.


          "Please! I can explain! I love you!" she said, grabbing his hand and trying to hold it. He quickly ripped his hand away from hers and looked over at the now fumbling Alan, who got down on all fours and looked under Danielle's bed. Alan, noticing he was being watched, put his red cap on over his messy black hair and continued looking for the rest of his clothing: a pair of blue jeans and his black sandals.


          "You can't love me, Dani, otherwise you wouldn't have lied to me!" her boyfriend exclaimed.


          "But I can explain!" she yelled. She looked him up and down. His blonde hair... his eyes, she couldn't even look at his eyes... his hands, balled up in fists...


          "What, your clothes just JUMPED off and you both just FELL into bed together?!?"




          "Your sister told me everything I needed to hear. I called your house looking for you one day because your cell was off, and your sister said you were 'busy' with your 'new man'." he explained.


          "That little- she was lying! She lied to you!"


          "Then explain how come your father was under the impression that I had dumped you? And your mom recommended that I 'move on' because you had 'found someone else'?!?"


          "I- this is- Aaron, baby..." Danielle trailed off.


          "Don't. Don't even." Aaron looked around the room and his eyes came to rest upon a photo of him and her, smiling, happy, holding each other... He couldn’t bear to even think about the moment that picture was taken.


          "I care about you, Aaron. I never meant to hurt you, baby, its just-" Danielle said as she put some clothes on.


          "Just what? Come on, now I gotta hear this!" Aaron exclaimed. Alan, who had been standing around quietly, moved towards the door.


          "Uhh, I think I'm gonna go now." Alan finally said. "Listen, Aaron, I had no idea that she was still with you, I swear. She told me that you'd dumped her, too..."


          Aaron gave him a nod and moved to the side so he could walk out the door. He looked back and waved goodbye to Dani, then turned back around and continued to walk away.


          She looked past Aaron and waved back to Alan. "Bye, Alan!"


          "Yeah, see ya, Alan!" Aaron called with fake enthusiasm.


          "Aaron, I-"


          "You what?" he interrupted.


          "I never meant to hurt you, its just-"


          "Never meant to hurt me?! What do you think you did?"


          "I never meant to!"


          "Well GUESS WHAT!"


"WELL IF YOU WERE AROUND MORE, MAYBE I WOULDN'T HAVE TO LOOK ELSEWHERE!!" Dani screamed, tears welling up in her eyes.


          "That is BULLSHIT! You know DAMN WELL that you could’ve found me when you needed me! I TRIED to get to you every time I had the chance, but you blew me off every time!”


“But Aar-” Dani tried to interrupt, but Aaron continued, ignoring her.


“I worked it out so you could come see me when I was on tour, but you told me you didn't want to come! You used to love coming out to see me." Aaron was trying to stay as calm as possible, but inside he was beating himself up. 'How did I let things get like this? '


          "I couldn't, Aaron, I had too much to handle already!"


          "I can see how much you had to handle, Danielle!" Aaron exclaimed, motioning to her bed.


          "You mean Alan? Aaron, I care about you more than I could ever care about him. I couldn't stand you not paying attention to me, and he did. He was here, he wanted me, and I knew I could find him..."


          "Dani, I care about you too." Aaron said, wiping a tear from her cheek as it came streaming down. "And I trusted you."


          "But, I-"


          "And now, I just can't trust that you'll be faithful to me while I'm not here with you-"


          "I can, I just..." She kept trying to explain, knowing there was no excuse. In the back of her mind she knew she was just delaying the inevitable, but she just couldn’t admit it to herself completely.


"How can I be with someone who makes me choose between my relationship with them and living my life? Especially when they don’t even want to work things out?" he continued, trying not to hear what she was saying...


          "I do want to work things out!” She finally found the opportunity she needed to finish a sentence.


"No you don't! If you wanted to work things out, then when I walked in here I wouldn't have seen a naked guy in bed with you! I hardly heard from you over the last few weeks, and the first time I see you in months, look what I get to look at. I can’t deal with the dumb-ass bullshit anymore. I’m done. Goodbye, Dani." Aaron gave her one last kiss on the cheek and walked out the door, closing it behind him.


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