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Links, Links, and More Links!

Here You'll Find Links to:

Other Fiction Sites:

  • Check out 00Carter! Part Nick Carter, part James Bond!


  • Dreamers' Sanctuary is a great fiction site run by one of my fellow 00Carter authors!


  • Like 00Carter? Join the 00Carter Fans Yahoo! Group to get email notifications of updates!


  • AbsoluteChaos - an awesome site where you can share your own fiction, as well as read stories and series written by others!


  • Could You Do Me Right? - One of the funniest Backstreet sites you'll eversee, with some talented girls behind it!


More links added soon, I just wanted to get the page up!

Want me to add your site to this page? Drop me a line at CamoStar13@yahoo.com and tell me the name of your site, a brief description of it, and of course give me a link to it! Any links back to this site will be much apprectiated and the gesture will be returned(If you let me know about it if you're not on here already!).

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