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Table Of Contents(not really lol)

Heres some easy access(and a little info) about all of the fics featured on this site! If you don't know which fic is which, or even if you just want an overview of all the fics, this is the place to look!



I must be honest. I can't come up with a good fic title to save my life. Any suggestions for titles are welcome.

He had no reason to be happy to be home from touring, until he met her. She was trying to get past being "the new girl", then she met him. Rebecca Cianarri had no idea what she was in for...


Lose It All

The Boys are fresh off a worldwide tour, and after 2 years, Nick has finally married Brianna, the love of his life. Everything started falling into place, but will the unexpected cause it to fall farther?


1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
3. An instance of making such a discovery.
Cate had no idea how much serendipity was about to hit her.

Crash Into Me
Will Dayna exchange more that just insurance information?


My Love Don't Stop
Melanie Rowan is the new star on the block with her whole life ahead of her - her friends were like family to her, and love was in the air - until they all encounter some obstacles just as their big tour is about to kick off. Is their bond strong enough to survive?

~This is the first story I ever wrote, and I wrote it a lonnnng time ago. I reworked it so that it wouldn't seem so dated, so I'm still trying to work everything out.


Shades of Black

Have you ever felt like you were out of your element? Like you'd been thrown into a world that you didn't know existed?

...Join the club..

Copyrighted by Melanie -- STEAL AND DIE!!!