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3/12/09 - LMAO Leave it to me to not update for just over a year. I updated SOB to Chapter 8, leaving it a chapter behind AbsoluteChaos. I'll get Chapter 9 up when I'm not half asleep. :)
3/1/08 - Happy (every holiday that's passed in almost a year)! I can't believe that I was like, two months away from not having updated in a year. I've been so busy with school and work and everything that this site has really been at the bottom of my list of priorities.
So, as a "sorry" to anyone who actually even bothers to look at this site anymore, I updated Shades of Black to Chapter 7 and I'm working on Chapter 8 as we speak. Yay for no midterms!
5/11/07 - I've changed all the page extensions(you'll know what I'm talking about in a sec) from "id*insertnumberhere*" to the actual name of the page for your convienience.
For example, the updates page is no longer "/id*whatevernumberwasthere*.html", it's "updatespage.html".
Hope that doesn't comfuse anyone. Old links still work, by the way, this was just so you don't have to remember what the number was of the page you wanted to look at if you were typing it from memory lol.
Oh, and Shades Of Black is now updated to Chapter 6.
5/3-5/4/07 - After an extremely long wait, Shades of Black has been updated to Chapter 5.

My computer is having some problems of the PMS kind, so please bear with me as I try to get the site updated.


2/25-2/26/07 - Shades of Black updated to Chapter 4.


2/19/07 - Shades of Black has been updated to Chapter 2.


2/18/2007 - Happy (very belated) New Year! It's been forever since I've been on this site, but I hope the new fic I posted, called Shades of Black(it's a working title) makes up for that! Go check it out!

There's also now a links page, so check that out, too.

And, in case you decide not to check the links page out, I'm gonna plug 00Carter shamelessly right here! So check it out!

<A href="http://www.dreamers-sanctuary.com/00carter/" >http://www.dreamers-sanctuary.com/00carter/</A>


12/6/06 - My Love Don't Stop updated to Chapter 4.


12/4/06 - After spending half an hour fixing the Updates text on the home page only to accidentally(and stupidly, might I add) delete the entire damn thing, I decided to make this page.

Now, where was I? Oh yes:

~Crash Into Me has been updated to Chapter 10!!

~A new fic(not new to those of you who found this page via AbsoluteChaos) has been added called My Love Don't Stop.

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