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Shades Of Black Chapter 1

*The Beginning... Of The End?

A young girl in a long, black raincoat on a New York City rooftop lightly kicked a puddle left over from the rainstorm that had recently stopped. The smell of the storm was still in the air, and the evening sky was covered in rainclouds that looked ready to downpour again at any moment. She could hear the constant sounds of cars driving through a large patch of water just sitting lazily in the street, no longer active with the rippling of new raindrops. Despite the sounds of the city below her, she always found the rooftops a peaceful place to spend most of her time while she was waiting for her next challenge.

"Nothing here," She reported to her companion on the other end of her phonecall. "No, I'm making it up." She answered sarcastically, pausing to let the other party speak, which they did for a couple of minutes. "I'm not being an idiot. There's nothing we can do about it now, so stop bitching about it." She rolled her eyes, ignoring their long-winded rant for a moment to scan her surroundings for the fifth time that night to make sure the coast was clear. It was still calm. "You were the one who was talking about a night off... Of course I know what this really is. But we gotta do what we gotta do... Wait a sec. Just, wait." She tensed, carefully looking around for anything out of place. Then, she saw it. "I gotta go. I-I gotta go! Later!" She shut the lid of her phone, moving as fast as she possibly could to make sure she could keep her target in her sight.


~Ten Minutes Earlier~


"Are they done yet?" Nick asked restlessly while sitting on the tan leather couch in the hallway of the recording studio, not looking up from his copy of FHM magazine.

"Almost..." Brian, Nick's bandmate, said as he sat next to him. "...I think." Nick and Brian, along with their other 3 bandmates, Kevin, Howie, and Alex - also known as AJ - were finishing up their last day of recording in New York City for their upcoming album. The two on the couch had already finished recording their vocals for the last song and were tiredly waiting for their bandmates to finish up. They'd been in the studio all day today, and the night before had performed a concert. All Nick wanted to do was go back to the hotel and hang out with his younger brother, Aaron, who was also on the tour with him, as well as recording his own solo album.

Nick sighed with frustration as he leaned back over the arm of the couch, the open magazine placed over his face, until moments later someone walked over and pulled it off. He shot his head up to see who had taken it and found his brother leaning against the opposite wall, flipping through the pages. "Excuse me, who said you could borrow that?"

"Like you were reading it..." Aaron laughed, closing the magazine and tossing it on the couch cushion between Brian and Nick.

"I was, actually." Nick said matter-of-factly, picking up the magazine again. "They really do write interesting stuff in these things."

"You must be bored," Aaron joked, "You actually read the articles!" Nick glared at his best friend as he and Aaron laughed hysterically. As the door next to Nick opened, the laughter died down.

"Don't stop the party on our account," Alex said, plopping down between Nick and Brian.

"Yeah, I think we could use a good laugh." Howie added.

"Come on, it wasn't that bad." Kevin argued, closing the door as he walked out.

"Six hours with no actual break between them isn't that bad?" Nick asked incredulously.

Kevin thought for a second. "Yeah, I guess you've got a point."

"Wow, would you look at this," Brian commented, "Nick's actually reading the articles in FHM magazine and Kevin was too tired to argue about something involving work. Something must be off."

Before anyone had the chance to respond to Brian's statement, the studio door opened again and their producer for the day stood in the doorway. "Great job today, guys. See you around."

"Thanks, see ya." Kevin said, the others all chiming in with their goodbyes as they gathered their belongings and left the studio for the night. They waited a minute or two for the elevators, finding themselves relieved when the ride down to the ground floor was rather short. Once they'd all exited the elevator, they walked through to the rear entrance to the building to wait for their pre-arranged ride.

The alley they'd walked into had only one open end to the right, and the dumpster against the wall only a few feet away from them was only one of the indicators that this wasn't the cleanest alleyway in the city; the walls had graffiti scattered across them, as well as a few unidentifiable stains that they assumed no one cared to clean up.

A grungy-looking man with unkempt brown hair appeared at the open end of the alley; he wore a tattered, dirty brown raincoat, and his right hand was shoved in the pocket of his rumpled black pants. The hood of his coat covered his face, but it couldn't hide the eerie red glow of his eyes...

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