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Shades of Black Chapter 3

*Letting Go

"Let go of me!" Karissa shouted moments later. "I'm not going anywhere, we're still moving!" She continued struggling to break free of Aaron's grip on her wrist.

"I just wanted to make sure you didn't break your promise." He replied, releasing her.

"Well while I really appreciate your concern for my morals, I'm-"

"-Bleeding." Alex said, nodding at her right arm.

"I am?" She asked, not noticing before, but now seeing the gash in her right arm that was slowly dripping blood onto her clothing. "Oh, no big deal."

"That looks pretty bad..." Nick said, surprised at her lack of concern for her wound.

"Really, it's fine." Karissa insisted, flashing a quick smile in an attempt to prove her point. "Why do you care?"

"I care because you saved us from... something." Aaron stated. 'Why do I care?'

"And because you're bleeding pretty badly." Brian added.

"I'm flattered that you care, but really, it's unnecessary. I have to go, I can't stay with you guys." She told them.

"Well I'm still trying to figure out how you helped us make it out of there. That hit you took was pretty hard." Howie said.

"You don't need me here for that!" Karissa argued. "Look, you guys will only be in more trouble if I stick around, so if you could just-" she began, about to reach for the door before Aaron grabbed her wrist again.

"I'm not letting you out of this limo, what you just said makes no sense." He stated. "You just got us out of trouble, how could having you around cause any more?"

"Look." She said with a sigh as she paused to make sure she had their attention. "Has anything like that ever happened to you guys before?"


"Then what makes you think it will happen to you again?" Karissa asked, continuing when no one answered. "That's the only reason I can think of for why you won't let me get out of this car."

"Speaking of, why are you running around New York City with knives and shit killing strange guys?" Nick asked.

"Its none of your business why I do what I do." Karissa stated, looking out the window at the street.

"I never said it was my business, but after what we just saw-"

"You have some questions that you'd like answered?" She finished.

"Yeah, but it can wait until you let us out of the car." Howie told her as the limo slowed down to a stop.

"I thought you'd never-" She began as she immiedately opened the limo door, stopping when she saw that they'd arrived at a hotel. "Okay," Karissa said with a laugh as she got out of the limo and stood by the door, "I don't know what impression you guys got from me, but I am not that kind of girl."

"Good," Nick replied, getting out of the limo after his brother, "'Cause you're not my type."

"Good, you're not my type either." She smiled.

"She's too young for you anyway, moron." Alex said.

"You don't know how old I am."

"Okay, how old are you?" Kevin asked, closing the limo door behind him.

"17." Karissa answered.

"Like I said, you're too young for him." Alex commented.

"Now that that's settled, can we get inside?" Brian asked, nodding to the lobby doors.

"If we must..." Karissa sighed, gesturing for the guys to lead the way, since she didn't really know where they were going. The two large crystal chandelliers hanging high above the marbled floor of the large expanse gave of a soft light, and the couches and tables scattered throughout the large lobby only indicated to Karissa that this was a very expensive and fancy hotel - nothing like anyplace she'd ever been. Yet the only thing on her mind was getting back to where she knew she needed to be...

The guys waved to the few people in the lobby who'd recognized them, and even stopped for a few minutes to take a couple of pictures with some fans who'd approached them. "It was nice meeting you." Kevin said, hugging one of the girls one last time before the girls walked towards the lobby doors, waving goodbye.

"Sure, you let them go..." Karissa commented.

"Just come on..." Alex said, nodding towards the hallway where the elevators were.

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