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Shades of Black Chapter 4

*11 Questions

~Five Minutes Later~

Once they'd reached the twelfth floor of the hotel - the floor where all of the guys' rooms were located - they'd decided to talk in Kevin's room. They'd all found a place to sit, except Karissa, who said she'd prefer to stand.

"Come on," Aaron pleaded, "It's not like we're gonna hurt you."

"Oh I know you're not gonna hurt me..." Karissa scoffed, "I just don't plan on staying long." A few more minutes of silence, and Karissa began scanning the room for a clock. "Look, will someone just ask me whatever it is you want to know so I can get out of here?"

"Okay, what's your hurry?" Nick asked.

"Thank you!" Karissa exclaimed. "You guys don't think you're the only people ever to be attacked by demons, do you? I have other people to help."

"Demons? That's what that was, a demon?" Brian asked. He'd thought for a moment there that that might have been what attacked them, and he apparently wasn't alone in that thought; he was also apparently right.

"Yes, a demon." Karissa sighed. "They don't all look monstrous and halloween-ish."

"So how did you manage to fight this- demon," Kevin asked, feeling a bit odd having used the word, "And not get killed?"

"If I'd known these were the questions you were gonna ask I would have just jumped out of the limo when I had the chance..."

"Why?" Howie asked. "Is it that complicated?"

"Well kinda..." Karissa leaned against the nightstand, the only place where she wouldn't be sitting next to one of the guys. "I just think you're asking about more than you really wanna know."

"We wouldn't have asked if we didn't wanna know." Alex said.

"Technically, he asked," Karissa pointed at Kevin, "And trust me, you wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"You don't know that." Aaron said, getting up and standing near the doorway.

"Actually, I'm pretty sure I do."

"Well you don't know us," Aaron said, motioning to the others in the room, "And I can't speak for them, but I'm sure that I'll believe you."

"You have no idea what you're talking about here."

"Well we wanna know." Nick told her, the others chiming in agreement.

"You really wanna know?" Karissa asked.

"Yeah, we really wanna know." Aaron replied.

"I," she sighed, "am what you would call... a 'slayer'."

"Someone needs to ease up on the Buffy re-runs." Alex chimed.

"See? I knew you wouldn't believe me. I told you you wouldn't," she said, standing up and fixing her jacket, "So I'm just gonna leave, like I knew I should have before."

"I didn't say I didn't." Aaron pointed out.

"...Give us one good reason to believe you." Nick said, getting up to stand next to his brother.

She looked him dead in the face, reached inside her jacket, pulled out a crossbow, raised it, and pulled the trigger without looking at her target: she continued to look Nick in the eyes. The creature behind him fell to the floor, and he turned around to see what she had shot at. She put away the crossbow and walked past Nick, whose mouth was gaping, towards the creature she'd just wounded. The arrow Karissa had shot at it was near its lung. "I need to work on my aim..." she commented as she stood over the creature sprawled on the floor and pulled out the arrow.

"Wow, nice shot. Did you kill it?" Kevin said as he stood next to her.

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