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Shades Of Black Chapter 6

*One Request, Several Reasons

A few minutes had passed since the last words of the conversation had been spoken. Karissa had been playing the possible scenarios in her mind since before then, not needing to hear the scheme to know it would be proposed.
"That wasn't really a question, you know," she finally responded, "It was actually more of a request."
"Does that mean you don't have an answer?" Nick replied.
"It's not that simple..." It's not like she'd never gotten a proposition like this before, it was just the first time she couldn't quite figure out what to say.
"Well how complicated is it?" Kevin asked. It would have seemed almost funny to Karissa how determined they all were to get her help, had she not been able to clearly see the worry and near desparation they were all letting show.
"I can't just make a snap decision like that," she again looked at the clock, "There are a lot of other things involved here."
"Okay, like what?" Aaron questioned.
"Like-" Karissa was interrupted by a loud rock tune blaring from her cellphone, which continued playing until she managed to retrieve her phone and answer the call. "Hello?"
"'Hello'?" The young guy on the other end repeated incredulously. "You hang up on me mid-sentence and disappear for a fucking half an hour and all I get is 'Hello'?"
"Are you done yet?"
"I thought you might be dead! That's the only reasonable excuse I can see you having for disappearing from the face of the fucking earth after you hung up on me half an hour ago."

"Well apparently I'm not dead."
"That still remains to be seen." He sighed. "So what the Hell is going on? Where are you?"
"Which question do you want answered first? 'What the hell is going on' or 'where am I'?" Karissa smiled; she loved annoying her twin brother just as much as he liked annoying her.
"Aha, so we're playing that, are we?" He laughed. "I knew it."
"Knew what?" Karissa tried to ignore that there were now six people right in front of her trying to listen in on her conversation.
"That you're in deep shit." He continued before she could interject, "You got yourself captured and now you're stuck in a cage somewhere and can't figure your way out."
"Carey," Karissa started, "That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, which is saying something considering we're talking about you here."
"Okay, first of all, bite me. Second of all, we were actually talking about how you're too stubborn to admit that you've been caught."
"I haven't been caught. Well, not technically."
"Aha!" Carey exclaimed.
"Stop doing that! Listen, I'll meet you back where we split up in about... twenty minutes, okay?"
"You sure you can manage an escape by then?" Karissa could hear him grinning over the phone.
"Twenty minutes, Carey." Karissa repeated warningly.
"Okay, alright, twenty minutes it is. See you then, sis."
"See you then, bro." Karissa closed the lid of her phone and shoved it back in her pocket.
"I take it he was the 'other thing involved here'?" Alex asked.
"One of the few, yes." She moved closer to the door. "So if you guys let me go, I'll meet up with my brother, fill him in on what's going on, and we'll both come back here." She paused for a moment before adding, "I can't do anything to help you without him, especially if it means leaving the city."
"I don't see a problem with that..." Kevin trailed off, looking around at the others, none of whom spoke up in disagreement.
"Alright, then I'll be back as soon as I can." Karissa reported as she opened the door. "You'll be safe until I get back, don't worry."
They all watched as she walked out the door. It wasn't until she was safely out of earshot down the hall that one of them spoke what was on all of their minds. "What the Hell are we getting ourselves into?"


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