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Shades of Black Chapter 7

*Same Page, Different Book: Volume 1

                "What the Hell am I getting myself into?" Karissa said out loud to herself as she stood on a rooftop once again, this time keeping an eye out for her brother.


                "I don't know," a male voice said behind her, "What the Hell are you getting us into?"


                “Funny, I could have sworn the word I used sounded more like ‘I’ than ‘we’. You know you’re not supposed to change the words in the original question when you do that repeating thing, right?” Karissa smiled at her twin brother and gave him a one-armed hug before they began walking towards their first destination.


                “No, what’s funny is how you expect me to believe that whatever you’re getting yourself into doesn’t involve me.” Carey motioned in front of himself to let Karissa walk through the doorway in front of him. “If it didn’t, I doubt you would have made me come back here to meet up with you. And you would have told me what was going on by now.”


“When in the five seconds you’ve let me talk this whole time have I had the chance to tell you anything?” Karissa stopped on the stairway and turned to face Carey. “You just walked up and started interrogating me all because you over heard something. Which, by the way, was a rhetorical question." Truthfully, Karissa was having a difficult time trying to figure out how to explain what had happened. How was she supposed to explain being dragged across town by a group of guys who got attacked twice by random demons? For no good reason? For that matter, how was she going to explain sticking around long enough to get asked to go along with them?


                "Hellooooo, Karissaaaaa..." Carey waved his hand in front of Karissa's face, letting out a laugh as she blinked and realized they were standing at the door of their destination.


                "Sorry, Carey, I was just-"


                "-Trying to come up with a good explanation for whatever it is you signed us up for."


                "Yeah. That." Karissa sighed as she knocked on the gray door with "9F" written on it in thick, black lettering. "It's us." She called to the person on the other side. The twins both smiled at the woman who greeted them at the door and paused their conversation long enough to greet her and make their way into the apartment and down the hall.


~Fifteen Minutes Later~


                Carey stood at the foot of his bed and sighed as he looked up at his sister. "How much traveling will we be doing if we go through with this?" She’d just finished telling Carey exactly what had happened after she’d lost touch with him earlier in the night. Aside from a few outbursts and eye-rolls, Karissa was surprised at how well he reacted. She had figured Carey would at least have tried to lecture her about being more careful, to which she would laugh at him and remind him who was older and who was more reckless.


                "I'm not sure..." Karissa answered, leaning in the doorway of Carey's room with a balled up band T-shirt in her hands.


                Carey turned around and pulled a pair of jeans out of the chest of drawers behind him. “You’re talking about these guys like you know you can trust them when you’ve known them for like, two hours. Less, actually. How do you know this isn’t a set-up?”


                Karissa laughed at her brother's ridiculous question as she watched him put the pair of jeans into a suitcase on his bed. "You think they'd go to all the trouble of setting up two fake demon attacks if they wanted to kill us? Aren’t there less labor-intensive ways of doing that?"


                "Why not? If the killers had us focused on someone else, we wouldn't see it coming." Carey stated, having tossed another pair of jeans into the suitcase and moved on to piling in t-shirts.


                "That's paranoid, even for you." Karissa walked back across the hall, folding the t-shirt and putting it in her own suitcase. She looked up and saw Carey standing in her doorway, frowning with his arms crossed. “Look, I’ve seen fake fear and confusion before and that’s not what I saw with these guys.”


                “They’re celebrities, K. They act for a living. If they couldn’t convince people they felt a certain way they wouldn’t have jobs.”


                “You and I both know that the only thing rarer than a day where we don’t fight is a musician that can act. Few and far between are both of those things.”


                Carey stifled a laugh. “Okay, that’s true. But how do you know that these guys won’t be fine once they’ve left the city?”


                “They were attacked twice within an hour, Carey. Coincidences like that, don’t happen. Something is after them.” Karissa finished folding and packing a few more t-shirts as Carey walked back across the hallway and closed his suitcase, moving it over to make room for an empty duffel bag .


                “I’m still not sure about this.” Carey stated as Karissa walked over and tossed a few items into the duffel bag while Carey gathered a few more things to put in it. “We do have a choice, you know.” He called after her as she walked back into her room.


                Karissa leaned back from her bookshelf to look across the hallway at her brother standing at the foot of his bed again. "But can we live with making the wrong one?"


                “Okay, well let’s see what our options are: we can do something and make things better, do something and make things worse, or do nothing and make things worse.”


                “Wait, aren’t you leaving out doing nothing and making things better?”


                “Doing nothing never makes anything better. That’s why it’s called ‘doing nothing’.”


                Karissa nodded. “So you agree that if we do nothing, we’ll be making things worse.”


                Carey sighed as he finished packing the duffel bag and moved it into the hallway with his suitcase. “Yeah, I suppose this is worth looking into. But if we end up starting something instead of-“


                “Then we’ll know how to stop it.” Karissa stopped piling supplies into her bag and looked up at her brother. “You know I can’t do this alone, Carey, so if you’re gonna decide to bail, decide now.”


                “Do I really seem like the kind of asshole who would bail on his sister at the last second and let her run off and get killed?”


                “No, you seem like the kind of asshole who likes being reminded of how much he’s needed before he officially decides whether or not to help his sister do their job.”


                “Well in that case, I’ll do it anyway. My shit’s already packed, and I don’t want you to start getting that look on your face like you’ve spotted a lost puppy and want to bring it home.”


                Karissa rolled her eyes and took one last look around to make sure she had everything she needed. “Stop acting like you’re doing me a favor. Do you have everything?”


                “ I packed everything I was supposed too, but…” Carey said, preparing to pick up his bags in the hallway, “We still need to pick up a few supplies. And you know what that means.”


                She sighed. “Yeah, yeah… We’ll have to bring them all with us, though.”


                “Why the hell do we need to do that?!”


                “Because we don’t know how long we’ll be there, and if another demon attacks them then all of this shit we’re doing will be useless anyway.”


                Fine.” Carey grabbed his jacket from the corner of his door and put it on. “But you do all the explaining, then, because if I get shit for this, I’ll-“


                “-Do what you always do and curse under your breath when you think no one’s paying attention.”


                “Whatever.” Carey picked up his bags and stopped at her doorway. “Do you need help with those bags, or will that wound on your arm that you thought I didn’t notice be alright?”


                Carey smirked as his sister rolled her eyes and put on her own jacket. “Just shut up and get moving.” She laughed as she picked up her own bags and followed her brother down the hall.


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